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CFA GC Purrden Me Zappa of Show Felines


Black and White Bicolor














CFA CH Show Felines T-Bear


Black Persian















CFA CH Show Felines Jubilee
















These are presented here to demonstrate the


quality of kittens we produce.



(Litter born in March 2015.  All have been sold.)






DOB;  07/21/2016


(all sold)









Everyone pictured on my website is CFA registered, purebred (no color points), comes from pedigrees with show titles, and in excellent health. 

All are PKD negative (DNA tested) and parasite/insect free.   I have over 12 years experience breeding/showing Persians and I hold two science degrees.  My credentials are above and on the home page.  We are strictly cageless!!  Living quarters for kittens and females are separate from the males.  Kittens are raised underfoot and well socialized.  

Every kitten is sold with a contract and it contains a written health guarantee.  Unless breeders rights are obtained, no kitten is sold without a *spay/neuter agreement or, upon request, they may also be "fixed" by my Vet before pick up depending on a kittens' age.  All adults are either spayed or neutered before being sold. 

Deposits go towards the purchase price. 


*As pet owners with agreement to spay or neuter, the pet owner has the obligation under contract to spay or neuter the kitten before 5 months for a male and 6 months for a female kitten.  The CFA Registration (paperwork) is withheld until evidence of spay or neuter by a licensed Vet for this pet.  Registering your pet with CFA means the kitten officially gets put in your name and you can get the official pedigree, but until then, the kitten is in the breeders name.  NO breeding of these kittens/cats without legal breeding rights.  For those that practice illegal breeding, any cat registry paperwork cannot be obtained for the offspring and the buyer will be pursued for breach. 

Please do not buy at pet price intending to breed.

A discounted purchase price may be given if two kittens are purchased at the same time by the same owner. Please note that adult prices are as low as they can go. 

Sorry, no cat/kitten will be held without a deposit. Deposits are not refundable unless the seller cannot complete the sale.  We reserve the right to refuse a sale without explanation.

Persians are the most beautiful cat breed and exceptionally docile.  They are strictly indoors.  They can be very high maintenance.  Please do not buy unless you have the time and resources to invest in their health and grooming.  Unless you know or learn how to maintain their fur, their appearance can and will change.



All potential buyers, including breeders, will be screened to determine suitability of new homes for Show Felines kittens/cats.  Here is our application.  Please let me know if you are looking for a kitten or adult, pet, breeding, showing.

Kitten or Cat Application

Breeder's Rights

 Pet prices above do not include breeders rights.  In general, no breeders rights will be transferred to anyone intending to breed without evidence of CFA Cattery Registration, Persian breeding/show experience, a website or plans for one, and at least two references including ongoing relationship with a Vet.  Some exceptions may occur - preference is given to show homes. 

Breeders rights which are stipulated in writing, must be purchased at an extra cost in order to breed any of my Persians.  When breeders rights are purchased, CFA is notified and the paperwork reflects the breeder status of this kitten/cat.   I generally do not sell breeders rights within CFA Region 7.  Contracts containing breeders rights include never leasing, studding out, or reselling any of my breeders - this clause is strictly enforced legally.  





What it means to have a Persian kitten or cat


Persians from Show Felines are purebred and registered.  This means that you can register your cat, examine the pedigree (all the ancestors) and even exhibit your Persian in show halls if it is of show quality.  Persians are the top breed sold in the US and are regarded very highly in the cat fancy world.  The size of a Persian as an adult depends on the gender.  The males can range from 8 - 11 pounds.  The females are usually 6 - 9 pounds. 


The energy level of a Persian depends on their age.  For example, a Persian kitten can be as active as any other breed.  Once they are adults, the older they get, the more docile and low energy they become - preferring to lay around being beautiful.  Spayed and neutered Persian cats are the most low energy, and most docile.  Without proper diet, can become overweight.


The personality of a Persian is unbeatable.  They are extremely friendly to their family members as well to other pets (when properly introduced).  They don't vocalize often although you will find variation in some Persians who like to remind about meal time.  You won't find a Persian constantly meowing for attention (unless something is wrong).


Persians can exhibit various degrees of intelligence.  They are keen on games and play. They watch TV, study all movement around them, create games with each other, comfort you when sick, compliant when being groomed and just plain loving. 


Persians for sale at Show Feliines can be show quality, breeder quality, or pet quality.  Pricing is affected by the quality of the Persian.  Different breeders will judge cats in their cattery different ways.  This depends on their knowledge of the breed, experience breeding and showing, and their goals.  After 12 years of breeding and exhibition, Show Felines produces consistently high quality and even our pets meet or exceed the Persian standard.


Persian cat coat length is long and one of the main reasons people love them.  This means attention to grooming a Persian kitten or cat.  The proper tools and education about grooming is important to maintain a Persians' appearance.  Persians eyes need to be cleaned routinely - how often varies with the eye set and nose set.  Persians are prone to eye injury as well as eye infections without proper care.  


Coat color on a Persian is dependent on genetics.  The genetic background of the sire and the dam, as well as their ancestors, determine how a kitten looks.  To get a good idea of how a kitten will look when an adult, look to the parents.  Show Felines is a closed cattery, meaning that we do not participate in stud service going out or coming in.  We have control over our genetic ancestory.  The parents of the kitten you buy are here at Show Felines. 


Persians do shed at certain times of the year like most long furred animals.  Brushing and combing, as part of the grooming routine, keeps shedding to a minimum.


Persian cats, like all cats, need to have their claws trimmed periodically. Show Felines does not recommend declawing as it is taking off the first member of the paw and may cause psychological effects such as litter avoidance.  CFA and others agree. Learn to trim claws properly by asking Vet assistant if you have trouble. 


Show Felines Persian kittens and cats are never to be left outside unless protected with a screened-in porch.  Persians cannot tolerate extreme weather, cars, roaming dogs or cats, and are subject to being easily stolen.  Parasites and diseases are more prevalent with animals left to roam outside  Outdoor cats do not live as long as strictly indoor cats. 


Show Felines is a cageless cattery.  Our kittens and adults run underfoot with family members. We manage overpopulation by keeping our breeding sires and dams in separate quarters of the house.  We pride ourselves producing socialized kittens and cats.


Thank you for learning about what it means to have a Persian kitten or cat. 









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