Show Felines is an interest that has culminated in beautiful show cats, receiving titles from various cat show competitions.  We are located in the eastern part of Tennessee. We have only purebred Persian cats with the best of pedigrees.  We do not have color point genes in our lines (sorry, no Himalayans, lilacs or chocolates). 

Our cageless, in-home cattery, is registered with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).  We have received the CFA Cattery of Excellence Award for ten consecutive years.  We have voluntary onsite Vet inspections along with routine care.  All our cats and kittens, are registered with the CFA.  Most importantly, our cats are healthy and free of skin parasites.  We are 100% PKD (DNA) negative and only breed negative cats. We are FELV/FIV negative.

We raise high quality Persians kittens and cats according to the CFA standard in order to show.  Our beautiful colors and patterns incude black, red, blue, cream, blue-cream, and tortoiseshell.  We have just re-started our bicolor and calico program so look for more colors and patterns, such as tabby, this year. 

We have the best of the best pedigrees in our foundation cats including Steeplechase, Ezluvin, Bolo, Budmar, Tehy, Kelsha, Rhamjoge, Wishstar, Day Oh, PartiWai, Bolo, Artemis, Seder Rennes and Aftabi.  The titles in the pedigrees include CFA Champions, Grand Champions, Regional and National Winners, as well as Distinquished Merits.  These bloodlines are truly wonderful and have advanced the Persian breed very far.  We are so fortunate to have these bloodlines.

We have breeder/show quality and pet quality kittens and cats.  Prices reflect the quality of the kitten or cat.  For example, if a kitten is sold as a pet, it could be of breeder/show quality too.  We take care to make sure that all our kittens or cats are placed in loving forever homes.  We screen potential buyers and ask that an application be completed before a sale is commenced.  



Judith Heath

BS Biological Sciences CSUS

MS Human Anatomy UCD

30 Years Professional Environmental Scientist (retired)



(2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)














(2 science degrees - animal and human health)






We operate in a PKD and FELV free environment. All of our breeding cats are 100% DNA PKD TESTED AND PKD NEGATIVE.  Kittens are raised cageless and underfoot in our home so they are well socialized.   We neuter or spay our kittens and cats before they are placed as pets except as otherwise agreed (neuter/spay agreement).  We screen all homes for the proper fit of our kittens/cats.  Costs for the neuter/spay are in addition to the purchase price if we are asked to have the kitten neutered/spayed before delivery or pickup.

We sell breeder rights only to breeder/show homes that meet our criteria as defined on the Available Page.  Generally, no breeder rights will be sold in CFA Region 7 unless special arrangements are made.  Please note:  We legally enforce our restrictions on reselling, leasing, or studding out our breeders.  No exceptions.

All kittens and cats are vaccinated with the core vaccines against the three common feline diseases:  Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia.  They are also dewormed, litter trained, weaned, and well socialized by the time they leave Show Felines for their new homes at about 11 - 12 weeks old. They are sold with no skin parasites or insects.  Kittens come with their medical records and a written one year health guarantee against congenital defects that are life threatening.   Our contracts, which stipulate the health guarantee, have invaluable information about grooming needs, food types, litter supplies and safety precautions.

We can ship our kittens or cats if needed. We generally use Delta Airlines Pet First Program out of Knoxville.  All purchases must be paid in advance as well as costs for shipping, health certificate, buyer requested tests (outside of normal checkup), and airline approved carrier.  All costs will be collected up front for any purchases when our travel to meet for pickup is arranged.

Sorry, we cannot hold a kitten or cat for a customer without a deposit.  Deposits are nonrefundable unless seller is unable to complete the sale.  If a customer requests we hold a kitten for weeks or months beyond pickup age (11 - 12 weeks old), we may charge room/boarding.  We reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason. 

Please view our Available Page for Persian kittens or cats for sale and announcements of upcoming litters. Please e-mail us at if you would like more information on available kittens or cats.

Our Gallery Page has pictures of our male and female breeder/show cats (current and retired). Each cat has a synopsis of his or her pedigree, as well as any titles won.  A detailed pedigree is available upon request.  Look for more titles in the future!! 

Once you have one of our kittens or cats you may want special products to keep their fur looking as good as a show cat.  See our Contact Page for our specially prepared eye fur powder recommended for white or lighter colored Persians.

We look forward to hearing from you!  We take this opportunity to thank our special supporters and mentors of Show Felines.

IMPORTANT: When you contact Show Felines for kitten/cat information, please introduce yourself, tell us where you are located, and describe the kind of environment a kitten or cat would have if they were placed in your home. Any previous experience with the Persian breed should be mentioned.  We have our kitten/cat application (Available Page) you can review to get an idea of the information needed.  Thank you!





(This litter was born in March 2015 and is sold.  The Sire is CH Show Felines Slade and the Dam is CH Show Felines Bluebelle)






(This litter was born 07/21/2016 and for sale.  Sire is CFA Steeplechase Dakota of Show Felines and

CFA Patlen Astra of Show Felines.)




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(The picture above is Show Feline's Phantom of the Opera)




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